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Posted by Anchor Industries on 12/11/2021


Does your resort already have shade structures installed? Are there enough shade structures dispersed throughout your premises? If the answer to either of these questions is no, you will want to get some installed as soon as possible. Customers come to your establishment to enjoy the sun, not to get burnt. Providing shades throughout your establishment will ensure optimal comfort and enjoyment for your guests alongside many other benefits. in this article, we share with you some reasons you should install shade structures in your resort.

Offer Comfortable Outdoor Seating Spots

Most guests go to resorts in order to soak up the sun. However, that does not mean they want to burn or have the glare in their eyes. To encourage guests to spend time on your outdoor premises, setting up shade structures in strategic locations is the key. When your guests have a few choice locations to lounge around in, they are more likely to have a satisfactory experience.

Shade Outdoor Activity Areas

Chances are, you offer a range of outdoor activity options for your guests. From tennis courts to children’s playgrounds, are any of these facilities shaded? If they are not, you may find that your guests are choosing to stay indoors with the A/C on full blast on sweltering hot days. They will not be making use of the amenities they paid for and that is not a point in your favor.

Offer Relaxation Spots Around the Pool

If nothing else, the very least all resorts have to offer in terms of shade structures is permanent umbrellas by the pool. From the parent who needs to keep an eye on their children to the young adult who wishes to enjoy a book in the sunshine, everyone will be thankful for these umbrellas and shaded spots.

Help in Branding Efforts

The thing about shade structures is that they do not have to be nondescript or boring. You can get your resort’s logo printed on them to promote your branding efforts, or even some fun prints to boost the aesthetical look of your premises.

Explore Shade Structures for Your Resort

If you have been convinced that getting shade structures is the best move for your resort, look no further than Anchor Industries for all your needs. We stock a range of shade structures including permanent umbrellas, movable umbrellas or PERFECTSHADE structures. You can get one or a combination of these types, depending on your resort’s needs and where you intend to place them. If you are interested in getting shade structures for your resort and require some recommendations, feel free to get in touch with us at Anchor Industries.

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