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Posted by on 10/15/2021

Why You Should Hire a Family Lawyer

In this age of technological wonder there may be people who wonder why they should hire a family lawyer. After all you can do an online search and find all the forms you need to create your own will and testament, fill out divorce papers, or file charges against your neighbor. Why do you need a family lawyer to help you do these things?

I always think of the old proverb, "He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client."

What all those free online forms do not tell you, is that filling out section 13 of line 20 with the wrong answer could mean you lose your case before it really begins. You could end up leaving all your most prized possessions to the family member that you loath. What I am trying to say is that filling out the forms without really understanding them can get you into trouble.

Hiring a family lawyer means that you are hiring his complete and total understanding of why it is necessary to fill out the forms in the first place. Those forms were created, not to confuse you, but to simplify the processes of law. Your family lawyer will go over all the forms with you to ensure that you also understand the importance of each answer you give. After all if something happens to you, you would not really want your third cousin once removed to inherit the family house would you?

A family lawyer can help with many problems that occur, such as creating your will, helping with adoption papers, or making sure you are not charged more than you should be when you inherit property from a family member.

Adoption papers: You've found the perfect child and you and your spouse are looking forward to the day that you can bring her/him home to live with you. You really want a family lawyer to look over all the paperwork involved. There is nothing as heartbreaking as going to pick up the newest member of you family only to be told that you have been rejected because a piece of paper was not correctly filled out and filed.

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