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Posted by Sherman Oaks Lock And Safe on 08/24/2021

What is the Difference Between a Safe and a Vault?

What is the Difference Between a Safe and a Vault?

If you have valuable items that need safekeeping, you may be considering getting a vault or safe installation. But have you ever wondered what the difference is between the two? Not many people know the exact distinctions between these terms. In fact, many assume that a safe and vault are just interchangeable words!


However, there are actually some key differences between a safe and a vault. And it’s important that you know about them so that you can decide which one fits your residential or business security needs.


What is a Safe?

A safe is a sturdy, lockable box that protects whatever valuables you place inside the box. It is usually hollow or cylindrical, with one side or face containing the unlocking mechanism. It is commonly made of steel or metal and can be secured to a wall or free-standing. A well-made safe is theft-proof, letting only the owner access the possessions via a key, fingerprint identification, or a passcode. And depending on the quality of workmanship, a safe should be water and fire-proof for extra safety. A home safe is the most affordable way to safeguard everything, including your passports, titles, jewelry, and other prized possessions.

What is a Vault?

Now that we know all about safes let’s differentiate them from vaults. The key thing to remember is that a vault is a type of safe. ‘Safe’ is the broader umbrella term; all vaults are safes, but not all safes can be considered vaults. Both mechanisms keep your valuables securely locked away, but one may be more beneficial for you than the other. For more information, Visit our website @ https://shermanoakslockandsafe.com .

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