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Posted by DentalSave on 11/14/2022

Ways for Your Dental Practice to Become Involved in the Community

Ways for Your Dental Practice to Become Involved in the Community

Getting involved in the community is a good way for a new dental practice to attract patients. When local people recognize your brand, they are more likely to consider your practice as an option for their next dental appointment. Becoming involved in the community can also make your dental business seem more trustworthy and friendly. Here are a few tips you can use to integrate your dental practice into the local community. 

Health Fairs

Health fairs are educational events that aim to educate the public about various aspects of their health. The goal is to give people an interesting and interactive experience which also benefits their physical or mental health. Health fairs often make health screenings available for free or at a low cost.

If there is a health fair coming up in your local area, your dental practice can get involved by providing on-site screenings for oral cancer, as well as providing information about popular dental health treatments like teeth whitening and dental implants. You could even offer free cleanings on site, providing you have the required equipment available.

Attract people to your display table by giving away enticing freebies. Bottled water is always popular at health fairs, and it highlights the importance of choosing tooth-friendly beverages to protect oral health. You could also give away gum or mints flavored with xylitol, free toothpaste samples, and floss to help people in your community protect their teeth. These gifts will remind people of your dental practice when they use them at home. Get bags printed with your contact information to package the gifts, so people know who to call for their next dental appointment.


Working with schools to promote oral health is a fantastic way for a new dental practice to get involved with a local community. Teaching kids about the importance of brushing and flossing can help them to avoid serious oral health problems, such as gum disease, later in life.

The American Dental Association provides a range of resources for dentists who want to do outreach work in schools. You could set up a screening program at a local school to identify children who are in need of dental care. Another option is to offer prevention services in schools, such as applying dental sealants to children’s teeth to protect them against decay or distributing fluoride mouth rinses to support their dental hygiene routines. Of course, simply going to schools to teach children proper brushing and flossing techniques can also make a huge difference.

Talk to the administrators of schools in your local area to find out what outreach services would provide the most benefit to students in the community. Reaching out to kids is an excellent way to promote your dental practice to families.

Keep It Up

Once your dental practice becomes well established, it is worth continuing your efforts to reach out to the community. This will help your business to retain its reputation as a valuable part of the community, and ensure your patient numbers do not begin to decline over time. The community will benefit from your continued efforts to support oral health in the local area, which means you can have the satisfaction of helping local people maintain beautiful smiles throughout their lives.

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