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Posted by Anchor Industries on 12/11/2021


The Covid-19 remains largely responsible for the mushrooming of tents for Covid-19 outdoor clinics around the world. As death tolls from the Covid-19 rise, people are urged to practice social distancing and good hygiene habits. People with higher risk of getting infected by the coronavirus include those with pre-existing respiratory conditions and the elderly. The virus is highly contagious especially if one is in close contact with a sufferer of the Covid-19. During this period of time, it is essential for social distancing and this is especially so for clinics where they are one of the frontlines and most vulnerable to the exposure of the virus. They are also responsible for ensuring that such measures are firmly put into place as the first line of defense against the pandemic.

It is encouraged for less urgent cases to take consultations online instead of physically heading down to the clinics. For other cases, it is essential for clinics to separate patients with those suspected with Covid-19 due to how highly contagious the virus is. Some clinics have set up Covid-19 outdoor tents to give face-to-face care for suspected cases of Covid-19 to ensure the control of the spread.

The Best Alternative apart from Virtual Visits

Visits to the clinics are now mostly virtual, even cases of chronic disease management. The only patients who need a physical examination were allowed into the clinics for face-to-face visits. For cases that do not pose any infection risk, they were allowed inside the clinic. However, face-to-face visits for patients who pose an infection risk were done at the outdoor clinic. These clinics situated the tents right outside their clinic at the carpark or lawn where they are isolated from the others yet have sufficient and a comfortable amount of ventilation to prevent the virus from being contained in one location.

Differentiating between the Zones to Control the Spread

The use of tents also helped in mitigating contamination as these tents were easy to identify. Staff and visitors would recognize easily that different tents acted as different zones and this would prevent anyone from moving around and increasing the possibility of a spread. These tents were also well-ventilated and provided enough privacy such that staff were able to store, put on and dispose their full personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as conduct consultation with their patients.

One of the Right Equipment

Such canopy tents protect staff and patients from the weather and are a good replacement for staff and patients who are unable to enter the indoor clinic. With the help of the tents, these clinics were able to set up an isolated make-shift clinic in the shortest time possible, while efficiently and effectively offer urgent care for their patients while containing the spread of the Covid-19.

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