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Posted by on 09/11/2020

Ultimate Airbnb Income Calculator For Property Investors

(September, 2020.) - The most challenging property investment pursuit is the potential rental income a unit (or units) hold. How do you calculate something so complicated? There's interest rates, debt owed, daily rental rate, and so many other details. Rental managers and investors often don't have time to calculate this without an excessive amount of time.

It can be overwhelming and cumbersome, yet Airbtics.com has figured this out with their free-to-use Airbnb Calculator... and that's not even the best part. Airbtics offers the calculator as an open-source project, so anyone can see the codes behind it and modify it as needed for their use (with the help of a programmer, in most cases).

Airbtics.com's Airbnb Calculator is the only short-term rental calculator with the number of details included in the calculator. Input average daily rate, occupancy rate, interest rates, debt owed, down payment, interest rate, and a few numbers. Then you'll automatically see a chart of your first year's profit, revenue, expenses, and tax. You'll see simulate cashflow, cash return, and net rental yield. Additionally, you'll see a 30-year estimate of accumulated profit and house value.

Unlike many other calculator sites, Airbtics.com also welcomes feedback on their short-term rental calculator because they want it to be a useful tool for all investors. Many have also seen it as an Airbnb income calculator, such as an NYC Superhost, who stated, "Your calculator helps enormously." To see this calculator, visit www.airbtics.com/airbnb-calculator.

Built to help property investors make data-informed decisions, the Airbtics Airbnb Calculator can be used for anyone with a short-term rental. Users can also find out how occupancy rates or rate changes can affect their return on investment quickly. There is also a paid version of the calculator powered by real-time data of over 6 million rental units, similar to Airbnb data. It's also user friendly and saves time, as San Diego Superhost mentioned, "Intuitive visualization. Saved me tons of time in property market research."

Airbtics.com was founded in 2019 by an ex-Facebook software engineer and a trader from an investment bank. Airbtics started as a way to provide a tool for investors backed by real-time information. It has already grown into a site serving financial institutions and property investors. They use rigorous scientific approaches to collect and process the data and then validate them on a scale using qualitative research and AI. You'll also find a library of helpful podcasts and blog posts. Visit their site today at http://airbtics.com/


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