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Posted by Car Cover World on 04/25/2021

Types of car covers

Types of car covers

There are many types of car covers available. Each type has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. To ensure the safety of your investment, it's important to choose wisely. Here are some tips for choosing the best car cover for you and your needs:

* Air dry Car covers come in a variety of materials and are made to be washed or dripped-off. A simple car cover can be quickly and easily cleaned by running water through it with a towel or rag and then laying it flat to air dry. If the material is made of a breathable material, such as a cotton tee shirt, it should be easily dripped off in a normal washing machine. Air drying will help prolong the life of the cover and keep it from unraveling during storage. When washing instructions are provided with the cover, be sure to follow them closely.

* Painting Many car covers are made with a removable, paint-resistant layer of material that helps keep paint from dripping on the floor while you drive away. However, it is important to note that most paint lasts for about 30 years, and a new one should last that long just as well. Some manufacturers recommend using car mats with the cover to help keep paint from soaking into the cover and leaving unsightly marks. The mats are usually made of a non-skid backing and designed to go over asphalt, snow, and grass-covered ground.

* Scratch Resistant Covers If you have a passion for car shows and like to take your vehicle to various events, consider purchasing a scratch-resistant cover. Most car covers are made with a polyethylene layer that is designed to withstand scratches. However, a scratch resistant cover can have added protection against dents, dings, and even intentional attacks from children or animals. If the vehicle is routinely used, a cover with a lot of stitches and zippers can prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Cleaning If you find that dirt, dust, and oils build up in the interior of your car covers, a cleaning solution may come in handy. Spray the cleaner into the cover, being careful to spray it all the way to the bottom. Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes, then vacuum it out. If the solution is left in the cover too long, it can soak into the fabric and cause it to become damaged. Once the material has soaked up the cleaner, it will not work to protect the vehicle any longer.

* Storage If you have enough storage room, you may want to purchase a custom car covers with a dual purpose. For instance, you can use the Noah's ark style cover to keep your cargo from getting dirty and use the ark to store anything that needs protection from rain and sun. If you use your truck often or live in a small apartment, storage is something you should look into. Noah's ark style car covers have dual purposes.


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