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Things To Do In Fort Mill, SC

Things To Do In Fort Mill, SC

Fort Mill is a small community located in the northern part of South Carolina. In spite of its small size, this community has a significant historical background. The city of Fort Mill initially called “Little York” and later “Fort Hill”,  got its name from the fort built in colonial times by the British to protect the Catawba Indians from other tribes. Also, a grist mill located in nearby Steele Creek inspired the name Fort Mill.

The historical downtown of Fort Mill, SC, holds many museums and monuments that highlight important moments from the American civil war that started in South Carolina. Also, descendants from the first caucasian couple that inhabited Fort Mill, are still living here up to this day. The Catawba Indians were known for being friendly, therefore the same spirit of friendship can be found today in the city of Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Many population growths that have occurred during the past decade shows that many people are drawn to the area thanks to the prosperous job market. Good schools offer top-notch education and this is also reflected in the appreciation of the housing market. Therefore, for many Fort Mill is a desirable place to live and with help from some of the best real estate agents in Fort Mill, you can easily relocate here.

If you find yourself traveling to For Mill, or if you think about living here you need to know what this city has to offer. Yes! The economical side of a city is important when relocating to a new area but the attractions are important too. So here are a couple of things to do in Fort Mill, SC that will make you want to come back.

Walter Y. Elisha Park

If you are looking for the perfect place to spend some quality time with your family then this park is for you. Located on North Street between Sidney Johnson, and Ardrey Street, it is one of the best places to go in Fort Mill, SC for sure. The playground featured here, undoubtedly the best in town, will keep your children busy for hours. The 12- acre park also features several amenities such as walking trails and other playground facilities.

Couples and individuals can enjoy the beauty of the park just as much since the trail is perfect for jogging or just walking. The green areas of the park have a very soothing and calming effect on visitors and people love this park for its simplicity and charm. Also, the large green area makes it the perfect place for the Town’s annual “The SC Strawberry Festival”.

Fort Mill History Museum

As already mentioned, the historical city of Fort Mill holds some places that are filled with American history. The same goes for the Fort Mill History Museum that highlights some of the most important events that contributed to the development of the city. Not only events but also people and stories that made the city of Fort Mill what it is today.

The museum has a mission to collect, preserve and share stories of people from all walks of life, a combination of events, special places and childhood memories. Creations of talented local artists, such as the works of art of Samuel E. White is featured in this museum. If you are looking for things to do in Fort Mill, SC, then you can take a trip back in time at Fort Mill History Museum to explore important dates and events that occurred throughout the history of this community.

Amor Artis

Looking forward to a night out with friends at a local brewery, where you can savor some local beverages and remember good, old times. Well, Amort Artis Brewing is definitely the place you are looking for. This brewery located in the historic downtown Fort Mill is a family-owned, quality-focused and community-based brewery.

The owners along with the staff are dedicated to customer satisfaction and this brewery strives to develop artfully-crafted beer through traditional methods while having a modern approach. If you love a good beverage this is definitely the place to go and it should be on your list of top things to do in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

The Fort Mill Community Playhouse

If you are looking for live shows, plays, and artistic performances then the Fort Mill Community Playhouse is the place for that. This facility aims to promote and encourage interest in the theatrical productions in Fort Mill. This performing venue holds spectacles and shows of all sorts and is a fit for all ages.

The variety of entertainment featured at the venue is able to please all types of audiences. Make sure you look out for upcoming shows and reserve a seat in a timely manner since the tickets sell out very quickly. If you want to delight in some of the best theatrical productions in town the Fort Mill Community Playhouse is the place to be, and it should definitely be on top of your list of things to do in Fort Mill, SC.

With all the attractions and amenities featured in the city of Fort Mill, South Carolina there is no wonder why both residents and tourists love the city. The historical city of Fort Mill brings forward some of the most intriguing events and people that made the city what it is today. You have to see for yourself all that Fort Mill has to offer and experience the local hospitality along with all these exciting things to do in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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