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Posted by Sherman Oaks Lock And Safe on 09/15/2021

The best type of safe for a small business

The best type of safe for a small business

Safes are not just for big businesses but also for small and medium-sized companies that need to protect valuables and critical documents. Whether it is small or big, every business needs a safe to protect valuables from intruders, prying employees, and unexpected emergencies. It is not a luxury but a necessity for small and medium-sized companies as well as for big businesses alike.  

Though the major goal of installing business safes is to protect valuables from burglars, there is a vast array of benefits when you have one. Natural disasters, fire, and flooding can happen at unexpected moments. A safe protects essential documents and valuables from getting destroyed at such events. 

Business safes are essential for the smooth running of the business even after unexpected events. If you are planning for a safe installation for your business, here is an informative blog.

Types of business safes 

Given the multiple options available, choosing the right business safe can become an overwhelming experience if you are not informed about the choices. Here are three common types of safes for small businesses. 

  • Lockbox safes – This is one of the most common types of business safe for small businesses. It is a basic business safe that helps to keep valuables safe and secured from thefts. It can be either mounted on the wall or the floor. You can find modern lockbox safes as well, which set out alarms when it is tampered with. 
  • Fire safes – Fire safes are types of safes that are made of fire-resistant technology. It will prolong the interiors of the safe from reaching the burning point so that the document stored inside will not be destroyed during a fire emergency. Depending on the quality of the material used, a fire-proof safe will differ in its efficiency.  
  • Diversion safe – These types of safes look similar to other household items and can be blend into the surroundings seamlessly. Since the safe is difficult to identify, burglars can hardly find it. They will have to go through each of the products in the room to find the safe. 

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