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Step by Step Guide to Installing Custom Made Seat Covers

The more you will use your car, the faster the seat covers will start to wear out. With regular use, you will start noticing nasty stains and cracks and also areas that are torn off. For this reason you need to order custom made seat covers in Australia for your car. You must get the seat cover customized according to how your vehicle is used on a daily basis. This will ensure that your car seat covers will go on for a longer period of time without showing any signs of wear, tear or stains. There are various sites such as https://www.totallycovers.com/au/ that help you customize seat covers based on your specific needs in few simple steps that are very easy to follow. If your vehicle is used for business purposes, you can also get the logo or name of the company printed on the seat covers. Now, if you have already ordered and received your custom seat covers, here’s how you can install them.

Step 1: Release the Bib Panel

Start by following the bib panel straps and unclipping them from the springs or pulling the elastic straps out from under the springs. You will now be able to lift the bib panel upwards to gain access to the gap between the back and the bottom cushion.

Step 2: Thread the Straps throughthe Gap

You will now need to push the bottom cushion straps through the gap between the seat, back and the bottom cushion. Next, pull the straps completely till the car seat covers back seatis taut. 

Step 3: Buckle the Seat Cushion Straps

Take the bottom cushion straps toward the front of the seat. Here, make sure that the straps don’t interfere with the seat adjuster mechanism. Put the strap into the buckle and cinch it. Doing this will tight the seat cover, removing wrinkles from it.

Step 4: Tighten & Connect the Bungee Cords

You will need to pull the bungee cords to cinch the skirt on the bottom bench seat covers in Australia. This will remove any wrinkles from there as well and then you can connect the ends using the supplied S-hook.

Step 5: Install the Seatback Cover

Pull the cover downwards until it reaches the side bolsters. Next, compress the bolster while you pull the fabric down to the bottom. This will make installing rear car seat covers much easier. 

Step 6: Install the Headrest Covers

Stretch the elastic edges around the headrest and pull the cover down. Pull and tug the cover until it fits smoothly on the contour of the headrest.

Step 7:Install Rear Bench Seat Cover

After you fit the cover onto the back seat, thread the straps into the buckles. Tighten it and check the fit and then adjust the seat. Finally, tighten the buckles, secure the bungee cords and connect the remaining straps to the springs with S-hooks.

Source URL:- https://sites.google.com/view/buy-car-seat-covers/

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