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Posted by DentalSave on 12/12/2022

Smart Prescription Drug Labels

Smart Prescription Drug Labels

Prescription drugs can save lives. However, despite the many positives they offer people, they also have some drawbacks, including the risk of misuse or overdose. One solution to make prescription drugs safer is improving their labels. By improving drug labels, pharmacies may be able to more safely distribute and monitor drugs. Here’s how.

Difficulty Interpreting Labels

Studies have shown that many people who take medications have difficulty interpreting their labels. There are a whole host of reasons for their lack of understanding: They may have bad eyesight (or be blind), not understand scientific information on prescription bottles, or not notice warnings about dependence risks. For that reason, it’s essential that the pharmaceutical industry move forward in helping improve labeling so that people — no matter how poor their eyesight is or how little scientific knowledge they have — understand them.

The Solution? Smart Labels

Because the misinterpretation of labels is potentially so dangerous (and so widespread), a solution is needed to keep prescription medicine-takers safe. One possible solution is to create “smart” packages for medicine using near-field communication (NFC) technology. Medicines with NFC tags can be tapped with a smartphone or tablet, and this verifies what the medicine is — and that it’s authentic. Tapping a smart package with a mobile device can also give the patient tons of helpful info about the prescription, including side effects, dosages, interactions and more. NFC tagged packages also add convenience, because they’d allow people to simply request a refill for their prescription with the tap of a button or call a doctor without having to dial a phone number.

Taking prescription medicine often saves lives — but it often has the ability to hurt or end lives as well. However, thanks to developing technology (such as NFC technology) that can be added to medicine packaging, pharmacies may be able to more safely distribute medicines to patients who need it. By using smart medicine packaging, they can ensure that patients understand how the medicine works and how much they need — and ensure they avoid any potential (but avoidable) mishaps.

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