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Posted by on 08/31/2021

Secrets of How to Write Your Perfect Cover Letter

How much information should you put in your cover letter?

So why do I need to do a cover letter and what should I put in it?... Surely my CV is enough?.. Wrong!

The cover letter is the first page of your CV. It's not an addition to it! A brief letter saying, 'please find enclosed CV isn't going to get you very far'.

For sure, a cover letter on its own isn't ever going to secure a job by itself but a badly constructed and worded one is likely to sow the seeds of doubt into your potential employers mind.

A good cover letter explains, succinctly and with clarity, why you are worth being asked for interview. It puts the flesh on to the bones of your factual CV - it whets the reader's appetite. A well written and constructed CV demonstrates that you have the key skills of self expression through the written word - something which could be claimed to be a dying skill set in today's world of internet searching and word processing.

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