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Posted by on 01/23/2023

Reasons to Choose Wood Flower Arrangements Over Fresh Flowers

Reasons to Choose Wood Flower Arrangements Over Fresh Flowers

Flowers will always play a vital role in planning any event. They are stunning, colorful, smell amazing, and are pretty versatile. It is possible to create endless arrangements and styles; all it takes is your imagination. However, the number one disadvantage of fresh flowers is durability. They wilt, especially if kept outside the water for several hours. The good news is that wood flower arrangements exist, and they are starting to take over everyone’s interest. 

Wood flowers, also known as sola wood flowers, look very natural compared to fabric or silk flowers. They come from the tapioca plant, as designers peel them and handcraft them to create some of the best shapes, mimicking natural blooms. This means they are unique and stand out from the rest, and you can be sure you will find your most popular choices among them. Wooden flowers for weddings are a great choice, as they are eco-friendly and durable. 

Why Wood Flower Arrangements Stand Out

Wood flower arrangements https://www.luvsolaflowers.com/ do not wilt and are highly durable. You can keep them around for years to come. Also, they are resilient to environmental factors, such as sunlight, temperature variations, and humidity. If you plan an outdoor event, at least you don’t have to worry about choosing the right flowers. When it is over, instead of throwing them away, you can give everyone an arrangement to take them home and keep them as a long-lasting memory. 

Wood flowers are environmentally friendly, and more people should consider this aspect. They are a sustainable option for synthetic flowers that are often made from non-renewable resources. Many of them take years to decompose, and they also pose a danger to wildlife. The tapioca plant grows fast, and there are many uses for it, not only for wooden flowers. What is more, think about re-using the arrangements for future events or for birthday gifts and anniversaries. You don’t need to get rid of the flowers; re-purpose them. 

You can use wood flower arrangements in many ways to add elegance and beauty to any event and even for home décor. This is, in fact, another advantage. If you are fond of blossoms and arrangements and want your home filled with them, purchase wooden ones, and you will have them around for years. You can always mix and match the flowers when you want a change and create new centerpieces. In fact, blossoms are customizable, and you can dye them in many shades and patterns. 

How to Include Wood Flowers for Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding planning involves much focus and usually on every little detail. Flowers are among the most important aspects because they bring everyone so much joy and a good mood. Nothing is possible without them, and celebrations would not be the same. Think about the bridal bouquet, the boutonnieres, bridesmaids’ arrangements, centerpieces, floral arches, decorations for the ceremony location, and much more. 

All couples and wedding planners know that flowers cost a lot of money, especially if people have special requests and some are out of season. There are also limitations when it comes to availability in terms of colors. Some couples don’t want to spend that much on them and prefer to choose a better and cost-effective alternative. They end up with paper, silk, or synthetic blossoms. But why not take a step further and reach a much more beneficial option? Wooden flowers for the wedding https://www.luvsolaflowers.com/ are realistic and within any budget. 

Wedding Bouquets

Wood flower arrangements can be mixed and matched with greenery, fillers, and even real flowers to create a rustic and natural look. This is ideal for couples that still want to enjoy the freshness of flowers. Otherwise, they can choose to combine wood flowers as they please. In online shops, you will see such wide varieties, shapes, sizes, textures, and flowers you did not come across so far. 

As for shades, wooden flowers for wedding celebrations are usually available in natural colors, such as white, ivory, and beige. This gives you enough room to personalize the blossoms however you please. For a romantic and classic event, leave the arrangements as they are, but if you want a pop of color, then dye them in the desired shade. You can find great advice on achieving the best results and follow online video tutorials. 


Classic roses and peonies are among brides’ top favorites, but remember that there are so many other options. Thistle, protea, and calla are available, and even shapes and types you did not think about. It is up to designers and talented crafters to create stunning models. Online shops give you the best insight into wooden flowers for wedding and other special events. You can buy in bulk to get better deals and have enough varieties to decorate the entire venue. 

Wood flower arrangements can be customized to fit any style and theme. No matter if you want a minimalist design or if you want to go with something bold and out of the ordinary, there is an arrangement to suit your style. The beauty stands in your imagination and how much time you dedicate to customize bouquets and arrangements. With suitable suppliers by your side, you will not have any issues filling up requests. 

Enjoy the Beauty of Wooden Flowers for Weddings

The main idea for such special events is to feel good, fulfilled, and to let your creativity shine. When you purchase wooden flowers for the wedding, celebrate every moment and create special memories with your loved ones. You can gather them to create the bouquets and centerpieces; let them be part of the process. 

You can always add extra details, such as fillers and greenery, for more realistic effects. If you want to tie flowers together, use wire stems, silk, ribbons, and anything that goes well with what you have in mind. Most wooden flowers don’t have stems, but you can add the ones that work best for the project. Versatility is their beauty and the endless options you can choose from to design the perfect event. 

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