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Posted by DentalSave on 10/19/2022

New Year Resolutions for a Healthy Mouth

New Year Resolutions for a Healthy Mouth

It’s that time of the year when thoughts turn to resolutions. Your health is a great way to kick start a new year, but have you thought about focusing on a specific area for the year? Here’s how you can get yourself a healthier mouth this year.

Stop Smoking

You probably heard it before, but here it is again: Smoking is bad for your health and leads to the development of several diseases, including cancer. Where your mouth is concerned, nicotine stains your teeth and makes them unsightly. Smoking gives you bad breath, too, and it increases the risk of developing mouth cancer.

Get Flossing

Most people brush their teeth, but not so many have the right technique. Some folks don’t floss between their teeth where food gets trapped and leads to tartar build-up and tooth decay. Make it your plan to use the correct brushing technique and floss regularly. if you are unsure, book some time with a dental hygienist who can advise.

Arrange a Dental Plan

Dental plans are a great way of saving regularly so you can afford first-class dental care when you need it. Discount dental plans include discounts on all dental procedures including check-ups and cleanings. Check for those plans that meet your requirements and you’ll find you have better access to hygienists, plus crown and filling coverage for those unexpected accidents.

Kick the Sugar Habit

Tooth decay occurs when acid within the mouth damages enamel and dentine. Bacteria is found within the plaque layers that build up on unclean teeth. When it combines with sugar, acid is formed. Excess intake also leads to obesity, diabetes and even cancer. Start by kicking the sugar habit today for a healthier you. Cut sugar from coffee, avoid soft drinks and reduce your cupcake habit for a start. Before you know it, you won’t even notice the lack of sugar — and you’ll have a healthier mouth.

Get a Regular Dental Check-up

Find a dentist and book for a regular check-up so you can avoid costly dental work as a consequence of neglected teeth. Dentists don’t just check for cavities and decay but do a lot of health promotion too, giving you tips on dental health. They also check for signs of gum disease and mouth cancer. This year, treat yourself to a healthy mouth by taking these proactive steps.

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