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Posted by Ahmed Abdellatif on 10/28/2021

Mashrouy And Its Ignited Entrepreneurship Program In Sudan

Young entrepreneurs are very talented than anyone else, as they always feel enthusiastic, have great and fresh ideas and they never scared to do any kind of experiment. That is why Mr. Abdellatif along with other professionals are ready to help young entrepreneurs in order to meet the requirements of the social and economic development of Sudan. 

You must know about the most popular show that is Mashrouy, which is widely regarded as the catalyst for promoting and increasing awareness around entrepreneurship. Not only this, but it is known for dispelling the entrepreneurship cultural taboo as well. There was session which was attended by Mr. Ahmed Abdellatif along with other delegates and contributed to a growing problem of graduate unemployment that has led many to consider different options. Also, he often gets involved in various missions related to the welfare of the society. Coming back to the Mashrouy, this is also called “My Project”, was co-founded by the British Council and Ahmed Alamin Abdellatif, who is the most popular and a prominent businessman in Sudan. 

Mashrouy program was designed similarly to popular shows such as the UK’s Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice in the US but this program is unique as it aims of dispelling the negative cultural and social connotations around entrepreneurship. Mr. Ahmed Al Amin is very well connected with the Sudanese economic development, youth entrepreneurship and family business, and to make it happen, he ensures to deliver keynote presentations and speeches at a number of universities, associations, along with local and regional events. Coming back to the show, it was and continues to be a success in more ways than the creators could have imagined as the show was the great hit as well as has caught the attention of several international media channels. 

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