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Posted by Professional Gynecological Services on 09/12/2022

LEEP Procedure

LEEP Procedure

What Is LEEP?

LEEP is a treatment for abnormal cells on the cervix. LEEP — short for loop electrosurgical excision procedure — removes abnormal tissue by cutting it away using a thin wire loop that carries an electrical current. It may be performed after abnormal cells are found during a Pap test, colposcopy, or biopsy.

How Effective Is LEEP?

LEEP cures the problem about 90 percent of the time.If LEEP does not cure your problem, you may have LEEP again, or your health care provider may recommend another treatment.

How Does LEEP work?

During the LEEP procedure, the health care provider usually looks through a colposcope to see your cervix more clearly.• You lie down on an exam table in the same position used to have a Pap test.• A speculum — a metal or plastic instrument — is inserted into your vagina to separate the walls.• A numbing medication is injected into your cervix.• A vinegar-like solution is applied to make the abnormal cells more visible.• The health care provider uses an electrical wire loop to remove the abnormal tissue. The tissue is sent to a lab to be tested.• Blood vessels on the area are sealed to prevent bleeding. The health care provider may also apply a special paste — Monsel’s Solution — to prevent bleeding.

Read more: https://www.thewomenschoice.com/leep/

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