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Posted by Cancork Floor INC on 05/27/2019

Learn About the Stylish Flooring Option

Learn About the Stylish Flooring Option

Want a beautiful yet durable material for flooring? Then, you can opt for 12mm cork underlayment, which is trending and popular choice of flooring. The natural material harvested from the cork oak trees offers your home green flooring without compromising on the aesthetics or style. It has unique characteristics that make it different from the other flooring options. If you want flooring that will transform the overall appearance of your personal space, and then opt for the cork flooring.

Advantages of Using Cork Flooring

You need to find a proficient expert who can offer you exceptional quality cork flooring installation. When installed by experienced professionals, you can enjoy several benefits. Want to know the attractive features that make it different and unique from the regular options? Read below:


The flooring can last for more than forty years when you maintain it properly. It is resistant to cracking or abrasions. Unlike other materials, cork flooring is impermeable to liquid and gas. You can move your furniture without any fear of indentations as it bounces back to its original form.


When you opt for 12mm cork underlayment for your flooring, you can opt a safe choice. The flooring is safe from fire, releases less toxic material during combustion, resistant to termites/mildew/mold, and anti-microbial in nature. Therefore, you can feel safe from external harmful elements that can affect your health. This is resistant to abrasion and cracking so you can get a safe solution for your floors. It is also impermeable to liquid and gas so it makes cork flooring permanent or long lasting in so many ways.

Thermal Insulation

The cork flooring from the experts can keep your home thermally insulated. It can reduce heating or cooling costs considerably. So, if you wish to save energy, then you have to opt for the natural flooring that can increase the heating/cooling efficiency by 30%.


If you want to feel relaxed at your home just by walking on the floor after a stressful day, then cork flooring is the perfect option. It offers a comfortable cushion under your foot. The acoustic insulator is soundproof, which keeps your home quiet and relaxing.

Versatile Choices

The aesthetically versatile flooring is available in different styles and colors. You can choose the best size for your home without hassles. You can even find white cork flooring that will offer your interior space a charming appeal.

Opt for the best flooring that will give your interior space a character without going overboard. The comfortable and cozy surface offered by the flooring will make you feel relaxed at home. Unwind yourself at your home with the pleasant atmosphere offered by your home with the perfect flooring. You need to enhance overall appeal of interior space and you need perfect solution like cork flooring.

This is natural and healthy flooring option and this is antimicrobial and keeps termites, mold and mildew away, so go with clever idea of installing cork flooring.

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