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Posted by on 05/27/2021

Latest Trends in Animation Industry

Animation industry is undoubtedly one the fastest and prospering industries in the world. There have been lots if developments and advancements in the animation technology. With the increase of satellite channels and Internet, the animation industry is also booming rapidly. A large number of animation courses have been introduced in the market and animation institutes are also at large in every city and town of India.

Earlier animation movies and shows were aimed at children and were made in a moderate budget. The use of modern and advanced technology was limited. Animation industry was not quite a profit-making business and job opportunities were also lesser and unwelcoming.

However, in the last couple of years, animation industry has made a phenomenal progress. Today animated movies are made with the latest technology and special effects. An entire team of animators looks after it and a big sum of money is spent on the production of the movies. These movies are not just limited to children only but even mature audience, youngsters and family also enjoy such an entertainment. The best example for the latest animated movie is "Avatar", which is made on a very high budget and equipped with the latest technologies and software of animation and multimedia.

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