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Posted by Ahmed Abdellatif on 10/28/2021

Know More About Ahmed Alamin Abdellatif- The Best Business Leader

There might be several business leaders, but some are highly appreciable and their work speaks a lot. Here, we are talking about Mr. Ahmed Abdellatif, who is a well-renowned personality, called as one of the best business leader with a Strong Focus on Nurturing and Developing Local Human Resources in Sudan. 

Ahmed Amin Abdellatif, has got popularity due to many things and one of them is- he is presently a Group President of CTC Group, and helped this group to grow dramatically. With the contribution of Mr. Ahmed, the group has demonstrated successful and sustainable businesses in Sudan and everything was built by recruiting and developing local human capital. Must know that CTC Group was founded in 1956 and it was running slowly with less than 50 employees, but Mr. Ahmed Alamin Abdellatif has transformed everything completely and today the group is called one of the leading multi-sector corporates in East Africa, employing over 1,500 Sudanese to international professionals. 

This is one of the best Group today as dealing in various sectors, including agriculture, where the Group President, Mr. Ahmed Amin emphasised the development of Sudanese human capital, running apprenticeship and graduate programs as well as has given vocational training to the university graduates so that they get great opportunity to build successful careers. Mr. Ahmed Abdellatif Sudan is the one has successfully worked for many things, but he more inclined towards raising Sudanese business standards to international levels, through the implementation of world-class certified management systems, innovation and technology. Also, he has a prime focus on the nurturing and development of local human resources. 

He also has a particular interest in the fields of Sudanese economic development, youth entrepreneurship and family business, often known to delivering keynote presentations and speeches at a number of universities, associations, and local and regional events.

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