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Posted by on 11/25/2021

Keyhole Arthroscopy in Chennai

Keyhole Arthroscopy in Chennai

Keyhole Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed by experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeons. The specialized keyhole arthroscopic surgeons will use arthroscopy for diagnosing and treating bone and joint diseases. The surgeon inserts an arthroscopic device that comes with a minute camera to test, deduct and diagnose the underlying problems.

 Keyhole Arthroscopy is less expensive compared to traditional surgeries. Patients need not stay in the hospital for several days since Keyhole arthroscopy is an outpatient procedure. The doctors will precisely examine the underlying issues and take decisive action based on the reports. 

 The patient will be under general anesthesia when surgeons perform keyhole arthroscopy. The recovery rate is much faster. The patient will recover and indulge in daily activities within a short time.

 Why do surgeons use Keyhole Arthroscopy?

 It is imperative to note that traditional diagnostic tools and imaging tests like X-Ray, CT scans, and MRI scans will not provide the minutest details of underlying problems of knee diseases. The sophisticated keyhole arthroscopy instrument will show even the minutest details that will help the treatment doctors and surgeons in various ways.

 The doctor will decide the next course of treatment after examining the arthroscopy reports. It is used for the treatment of shoulder, hip, knees, ankle, and joints. It is was for the treatment of rotator cuff injury, ligament repair, ACL, removing bone, and repairing torn meniscus.

 Patients should choose reputed Keyhole Arthroscopy in Chennai, which offers the best services. The reputed hospital houses renowned orthopedic surgeons who have gained in-depth knowledge and years of experience in an arthroscopic procedure.

 Preparation for Keyhole Arthroscopy

 If you are taking drugs for BP or diabetes, you have to stop taking them three or four days beforehand. Smokers should stop smoking cigarettes before undergoing treatment. You won’t see scars or marks on the operated area. You will be given light diets before and after the operation. 

 Do patients suffer from side effects?

 Side effects depend upon the patient’s immunity and body condition. Common side-effects are listed below.

- Nausea

- Headache

- Fever and chills

- Edema or swelling

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