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Industrial Locksmith Services

Industrial Locksmith Services

Industrial Security

Is your massive office complex or warehouse not properly secured? Do you frequently discover doors that shouldn't be open being opened? You can rely on  Lucky Locksmith Service KC's solutions to keep all points of access inside and outside of your building secure!  


Door Control

It's time to give us a call and have a new door closer installed if you find yourself frequently shutting doors manually or wiping down oil that is dripping from your door closer. Door lock Kansas City MO help preserve security by automatically closing the doors in addition to closing them.


Life Safety, Fire Code, & ADA

Do any of your doors violate ADA, life safety, or fire regulations? Your doors can be upgraded with our assistance. In order to make sure your infractions are dealt with properly, we will immediately collaborate with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction. Give us a call right away, and we'll relieve you of the stress and inconvenience.


Master Key, Restricted Key, & Key Storage

Are your key collection excess? You're sick of seeing your employees make their own copies despite the key having a "Do Not Duplicate" mark on it. Do you require a safe place to keep all of your building's keys? Call us right away, and we'll explain why "Do Not Duplicate" is nothing more than words on a key and show you how to control the swarm of keys at your facility.


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