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How to play the game pigeon on Android?

If you're a fan of games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, then playing game pigeon on your Android device is something that you'll love. This simple and addictive game is easy to learn but hard to master and will have you spending hours trying to perfect your skills.

What is GamePigeon?

The Apple app store offers GamePigeon as an iMessage extension. You will have access to a games library once you have installed it. Select a title and send an invitation to another iMessage user. It is an iMessage extension that includes games such as:

  1. Crazy 8

  2. Filler

  3. Word Bites

  4. Word Hunt

  5. 9-Ball

  6. Dots and Boxes

  7. 20 Questions

  8. Reversi

  9. Gomoku

  10. Four in a Row

  11. Checkers

  12. Chess

  13. Shuffleboard

  14. Knockout

  15. Mancala

  16. Anagrams

  17. Sea Battle

  18. Tanks

  19. Darts

  20. Archery

  21. Cup Pong

  22. Basketball

  23. Mini Golf

  24. 8-Ball

Can you play the game pigeon on Android?

The short answer is that GamePigeon isn't natively compatible with Android since it's an extension of iMessage. It is possible to run GamePigeon on Android - there are guides available - but it is not user-friendly. Aside from downloading an app from outside the Google Play store, the process involves modifying the app's code itself.

How to download game pigeon on Android?

As the game pigeon app cannot be directly downloaded, follow the below steps.

Requirements to Play iMessage Games on Android Device

  • A unique Apple ID that you use to access the iMessage app.

  • You'll need a Mac with macOS 10.10 or higher to run the weMessage application on your android device.

  • Make sure you have Java 7 or above installed on your Mac.

  • An Android phone running Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.

  • WeMessage must be installed on your Android device.

Step 1:Follow these steps on your Apple desktop

  • Create an Apple ID by visiting the Apple ID website.

  • Link phone number with the account.

  • Go to the Messages app.

  • You will have to enter your Apple ID details.

Step 2: Follow these steps on your Apple desktop

  • Install Java Development Kit from the website (it should be version 7 or higher).

  • Run the program afterwards.

  • You can find and add the terminal app to the accessibility section.

  • All you have to do is go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy, tap Accessibility and click on the plus sign.

  • Download and install the WeMessage application on your computer (only after you have installed Java).

  • From the start-up screen and enter your iMessage account email address.

Step-3: Follow these steps on your android smartphone

  • You can download the WeMessage app for your smartphone.

  • Use the same information that you used on your computer to log into WeMessage on your phone.

  • Wait for your Android device to finish syncing.

  • With iMessage, you can now send messages to iOS users, as well as receive them anytime.

Android Alternatives To GamePigeon

1. Hago

Hago apk is largely considered to be a social application. This app allows its users to play more games through the app itself. Users can play all the game items included in the Hago apk for free. In this android app, you can play a variety of mini-games. Gamers will find the experience equally addictive and can play for long periods of time.

2. Plato

There are over 45 multiplayer games on Plato, including Ocho, Pool, Table Soccer, Match Monsters, Werewolf, Bowling, Minigolf, Chess, etc.

3. Bunch

Bunch is a video chat app for games with millions of downloads, and many of the world's top game developers have funded the company.

4. Socialable

The social gaming app Socialable is a fun and interactive new way to socialize while playing games you love! You can play with friends or play by yourself. You can meet new people from all over the world, play online social games, chat, send videos & photos, share interests, chat free and socialise while having fun.


Because GamePigeon was designed specifically for the iMessage platform, it is incompatible with Android. It is more difficult to set up the gaming and messaging service for an Apple device than it is for an Android device, but there are advantages to using other apps. Android users who want to play live games similar to GamePigeon on their phones should instead use one of the many alternative apps available on the Google Play Store.

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