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Posted by Ionic Firebase App on 10/10/2022

How much does a flutter app development cost in Australia?

How much does a flutter app development cost in Australia?

Well, as we all know mobile app development services have attracted thousands of industries during the pandemic time. As the corona spread the business of almost every industry was getting a huge amount of loss in terms of employees, and finances too. But those industries that had mobile apps were doing quite better than others. And as Google announced Flutter in 2017, the first choice of app developer has become Flutter, so when it comes to developing an app on Flutter then only one thing sticks in our mind which is “cost”. Isn’t it? Well, if you are from Australia or are willing to find out about the Flutter app development company in Australia, we are here to give you an estimated number of Flutter app development costs in Australia. So, to collect the details just scroll down….

To know the cost, let us first comprehend the Lifecycle of mobile app development.

Lifecycle of mobile app development

There are some important stages of mobile app development that every mobile app development company has to follow so that they build the best and most feature-rich mobile app, have a glance at the stages…

  • Understanding the business requirements and objectives
  • Planning & market research
  • Developing wireframes & storyboards
  • Work on the back-end needs
  • Testing a prototype of the mobile application
  • Designing the visual interface
  • Testing the completed app
  • Launching the mobile application
  • Analysing the success of the application

Comprehend the Lifecycle of app development

Flutter app development company’s developers first need to comprehend your business goals. Based on your objectives, they start planning the development process & complete market research. Wireframes are then developed to outline the framework for your application. These steps assist in determining the back-end needs, such as the use of APIs.

After developing a prototype, the mobile app development team starts coding the visual interface & creating visual elements such as graphics. When the coding is completed, the application is tested, launched, & analyzed. Each of these steps involves different costs & timeframes. 

Decide on External / Internal Development

One of the crucial decisions you have to take is whether to build the application internally or hire a leading mobile app developer. What would you prefer to insource or outsource the project? Outsourcing offers significant benefits:

  • Good experience
  • Flexible process of app development 
  • Reasonable development
  • On-time completion of mobile app development

Opt a Platform for Your App

Opting for the right platform impacts cost and the success of your mobile application. You can choose Android, iOS, or cross-platform as per your requirements, but before opting for any platform we willing recommend you to know the need of your business and of course have look at your budget too, as iPhone app tends to exceed the development cost as compared to android app, but yes iPhone app permits you to reach different demographics. 

Though, iOS is quite very much popular in Australia, Japan, Western Europe, and North America. As almost half of all iOS devices run the latest operating system, the iOS platform also offers less fragmentation.

Android allows app developers to customize the Operating system to suit their needs. Manufacturers tend to alter the Operating System based on the hardware of their smartphones & tablets. This requires app developers to test as well as tweak applications to increase compatibility with a wider range of hardware.

A cross-platform app development option is also there. About 40% of all applications developed by Australian publishers are designed for both iOS & Android.

However, if you are considering cross-platform, consider working with Ionicfirebase. Being a reliable Flutter app development company they have dedicated mobile application developers that utilize the Flutter framework. As Flutter permits developers to create native interfaces on Android & iOS, simplifying the build process of cross-platform.


Adding the latest features or specific functions will surely involve more work as well as the impact on the total development cost. 

A simple application may include 4 or 5 screens while a complex application may include dozens of screens. And as the number of screens increases, the number of features & functions directly impact the cost.

Some of the most common application features and functions include:

  • Login & registration
  • Search Features
  • Payment options
  • User profiles
  • Chat features
  • Push notifications
  • Analytics
  • CMS features

3rd-party Integration

3-party integrations may increase the complexity of the app. App developers need to spend additional time testing & integrating third-party features, leading to increased time as well as costs. 

Localization Requirements  

If you want to release a mobile app in Australia, you may not have to worry about localization. Localization efforts permit you to market your application in different regions. However, localization also boosts the cost & timeframe for the project.

Localization permits you to target different markets by tweaking the design to appeal to the demographics in different regions. But yes, as localization increases the reach of your mobile application, so it also increases the cost.

Account Your Marketing Budget

Though it is easy to add features to your app you have to focus on your business requirement and of course account for your market budget too, as every feature will come up with an increment in cost.

Mobile App Maintenance

Mobile applications also come with maintenance costs. Some mobile applications require the use of APIs to obtain data or resources. If your application requires custom APIs, you may have to pay to maintain the servers that handle the APIs. 

Ongoing mobile app maintenance by a reliable mobile app development company is also necessary for addressing technical issues. While the typical process of app development includes thorough testing, some glitches may not be detected until after launch. Ionicfirebaseapp, being a trusted Grocery app development company, continues to resolve these concerns as they appear.

An estimated Build Cost for Flutter App Development in Australia

As we have already mentioned in the above write-up that it totally depends on the features and platform you choose to develop the mobile app, but yes if we talk about a rough estimate of the Flutter app development cost then we can share the amount with you on basis of our previous projects, so if we go for simple to the feature-rich mobile app then it may cost $40,000 to $500,000. We still want to add this line that the total application development cost is based on the scope & scale of your project. The complexity of the application, the platforms that you choose, and whether you plan on hiring an external mobile app development team are a few of the main details that impact the cost.

To receive a more accurate estimate based on your specific requirements, contact the experts at Ionicfirebase. We provide reliable Grocery app development services in India and Australia.

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