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Posted by ana-care on 11/25/2021

home nursing care services

Nursing Services:

Home Nurse Care Service:

·         What is a nursing Service?

Nursing is a service in which medical care is provided to the patients on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as per need depending on the individual condition. It is also defined as certified nursing services mentioned in a treatment plan that is instructed by a healthcare professional. This nursing staff is professionally trained, experienced, and registered which provides care service of a nurse at home.

·         What type of service is provided by a nurse?

A nurse should perform any work related to his/her field. This may vary depending on where they work or their area of expertise but ANA-Care® Home Healthcare Services company nurses work on these main following tasks that are as:

ü  Examine the patient physically.

ü  Maintaining medical records/histories of patients.

ü  dispensing drugs, surgical bandage, and other therapeutic interventions to sufferers

ü  offering health awareness, therapy, and training

ü  collaborating with other clinical staff to manage patient care

ü  overseeing personnel such as LPNs and medical assistants

ü  participating in important choice

ü  research tasks


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