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Posted by on 10/19/2021

History Of Magic Mushrooms

History Of Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a glorious way to destress and potentially treat other issues you may have. The history of shrooms is one that is quite fascinating. Their scientific name is called Psilocybin mushrooms, otherwise known as Golden Teacher Mushrooms, and their magical concoction of chemistry is what makes you have the experiences you do. As the experts in everything shrooms, we have got you covered on the history of this psychedelic substance.

To start off, the phenomenon of using shrooms has only been around in the western world as we know it since the 1950s. However, indigenous communities both in North America and around the world have been using mushrooms for centuries.

Shrooms have been used as far back as cavemen times. There is even evidence of it on the drawings on walls in Australia! On top of that, in South and Central America, people used shrooms for everything from religious purposes to healing. There is also pictorial evidence these communities used shrooms as well.

After colonalism took its grip on Latin America, everything changed. People were forced to hide their afflictions for shrooms because the Catholic Church did not tolerate it. All of a sudden, years of history and culture were gone because it was deemed barbaric and satanic. Shrooms slowly became forgotten as time went on, but some held onto their traditions. There are still communities in South and Central America that use shrooms for their traditions.

Golden Teacher Mushrooms show up in many pieces of ancient artwork. These pieces date as far back as 1,000 BC. Many of these artifacts had deep religious and spiritual meanings to those who made them.

Golden Teacher Mushrooms were used for various remedies and modes of healing to these communities. Golden Teacher Mushrooms are known as “teonanacatl,” in these communities. They believed in a god known as Seven Flowers, and this god always had Golden Teacher Mushrooms in their hands, which further explains the phenomena of shrooms in these cultures. There are also multiple other gods who are depicted with mushrooms in their hands as well.

There is further historical evidence that groups like the Aztecs used Golden Teacher Mushrooms in their daily lives. The Spanish priest, Bernardino de Sahagun, discussed the different ways Aztecs used magic mushrooms in their lives. They would eat shrooms in the morning that would cause different side effects, such as hallucinations.

After they had disappeared, people rediscovered them in the twentieth century, which is where we are now. Their popularity was reignited after scientists discovered that some doctors in Mexico were still using mushrooms to treat certain illnesses. By this point, it was noted that shrooms had an adverse effect on the nervous system, which is what they were trying to treat. These findings were published in 1939.

Magic mushrooms became the norm when scientists tried them out for themselves and others traveled to try them. Golden Teacher Mushrooms would go on to be widely used in the 60’s as a result of the counterculture movement.  Micro-dosing is slowly starting to become a common practice as some of the stigma of using mushrooms fades away.

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