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Posted by on 03/26/2021

Herbal Masks - What Are the Different Types?

Nature's bounty remains undisputed! If what you eat is good for your body, then it should also be good for your skin. All skins can benefit from the natural goodness of herbal masks. There are a variety of herbal masks which serve different purposes. These can include cleansing the skin, exfoliation, softening, lightening, reversing the aging process, combating acne as well as other skin disorders and returning the youthful elasticity to ageing skin.

Beauty Basket...
The beauty store shelves are heaving under a variety of herbal face masks available in the market. The basket of goodies includes herbal facial masks, organic masks, clay masks etc. Herbal masks score over other competitors since they do not use any chemicals or preservatives. They use fruits and vegetables, which come loaded with natural vitamins and minerals, necessary to keep your skin healthy.

A Word of Caution...
Even though most herbal masks are hypoallergenic, it is always wise to test the mask on a small patch of skin, before applying on the face. It is also important to determine your skin type before choosing herbal masks. There are a variety of herbal masks available for each skin type.

Clay Masks...
Best recommended for oily skins, clay masks usually contain a base of Fullers earth, along with sandalwood powder, fruit, plant or vegetable extracts. These masks are thicker in consistency and draw out the impurities from the skin, and tighten the pores. They are not recommended for those with dry or normal skins, for clay masks can have a dehydrating effect.

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