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Posted by Aston Gardens At Sun City Center on 11/19/2021

Health Benefits Of Rebounding Exercise For Seniors

Health Benefits Of Rebounding Exercise For Seniors

Encouraging the rebounding exercise for your loved ones might seem like a ludicrous concept. After all, why would you want someone with limited mobility and at a high risk of injury, to be jumping on a trampoline?

First off, these jumps are nothing compared to the ones the youths will do, we go smaller and safer. The trampolines that they will jump on are called rebounders, specially built for older adults. These turn what is otherwise an extreme activity into a low-impact exercise suitable and effective for your loved ones.


Rebounders are actually very small and do not require much space when laid out. They can easily fit into a small storage space and are easy to set up since they are also light. There is little in the way of mastery when it comes to rebounding, it is easy enough to rebound while watching the TV or making a phone call. It is remarkably easy to fit rebounding into a daily schedule, but this does not make it any less of an effective exercise.

Effective Exercise

It can be a challenge bouncing up and down on the rebounder, but this movement of the body improves a person’s sense of balance. Furthermore, by using the rebounder, the whole body is engaged, improving not just overall muscle strength and flexibility but digestion as well – the small but deliberate movement helps regulate intestinal muscle movement. Rebounding can also serve to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, as many other exercises. But compared to other exercises, the benefits of rebounding are wider. It can even improve circulation to the brain, improving focus and concentration. After enough practice and repetitions, not only is physical well-being boosted but so is confidence and self-esteem.


Rebounders are built low, making it easy to climb on or off it. Support bars or stands can also be installed on a rebounder just in case a user is not confident. When rebounding, the surface which you impact is responsive to pressure, reducing the force of impact and thereby limiting strain to the joints. There is little concern about over-exertion or injuries so long as one remains on the platform. To stop, simply shift your weight.


Besides all the benefits rebounding has for physical and mental health, it is hard to deny that bouncing on a surface is a fun and engaging way to exercise. For some, it will bring us back to our youth. Entertaining workouts are more likely to be enjoyed and kept to as well, promoting good health in the long term.

At Aston Gardens At Sun City, we plan and lead exercise programs with safe facilities and equipment like the rebounder for our members. We lead many independent living programs to improve overall health and fitness for our members. Contact us or schedule a tour to learn more!

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