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Posted by Ahmed Abdellatif on 10/28/2021

Get More Details About Ahmed Alamin Abdellatif

The people who know about the CTC group, they very well know about the President of the group, who is very famous, intelligent and genuine personality. Here, we are talking about Mr. Abdellatif who is holding various positions in CTC and outside CTC. 

He is the President of the CTC group which was established in 1956 at the time of independence in Sudan. It was named The Central Trading Company and recognized as a private group of companies, but today it is the leader in the agricultural sector. CTC group was founded in 1956 with less than 50 employees, but with effective leadership of Ahmed Abdellatif, it becomes leader in the field of Mining and Construction to the Water Management, Commodity Exports, Agricultural Machinery, Automotive and more. One should also know about the experience and certifications of Mr. Ahmed Alamin Abdellatif, which will tell people how best he is and how amazingly he has groomed himself in order to work for the society.

As said, he is known for holding multiple of positions in different sectors, including- he is the board member of several leading public companies and an active member in many social society organizations. He is also a founding member and Vice President of the US - Sudan Business Council and co-founder of the youth entrepreneurship TV program Mashrouy to develop the idea of youth entrepreneurship as well as the member of the Jury with more than 200 participants annually. There are many things in the bucket list of Mr. Ahmed and he is in the mission to accomplish them all for the bright future of Sudan. All in all, Mr. Ahmed Al Amin is one of the leaders in the industry and known for presenting a working paper on the investment opportunities in Sudan at the Paris conference on Sudan.


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