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Posted by Physical Therapists NY on 03/29/2022

Functional Exercise Training

Functional Exercise Training

To sum it up, functional training workouts are designed to make it easier to do your day-to-day activities so you’re more comfortable, enjoy your day more, and so you are less likely to injure yourself.

How Does Functional Training Work

Think about your daily movements, from opening your car door while balancing an armload to twisting and reaching to put away groceries. As people age, they are more at risk for injury from doing simple, everyday tasks like these because, over time, bodies suffer small injuries, repetitive use damage, and joints and muscles wear out. By focusing on your daily activities and creating a functional strength training program that supports your individual lifestyle, you can boost strength where you need it most. This can lead to a better quality of life now and long into the future.

A functional training workout typically isn’t exhausting and frustrating, like some workouts can be. Instead, it boosts your mood and energy level through endorphins while not completely taxing or draining your strength. The approach looks at multi-joint movements, like how your knees and hips work together when you walk or how your spine and shoulders cooperate to reach. It’s not about building big muscles and flexing; a great functional training program is about strengthening your muscles in a beneficial way that effectively supports you in your daily life.

Benefits of Functional Exercise Training

At Physical Therapists NYC, we firmly believe that a functional exercise program is for everyone. It can do wonders for people seeking rehab and recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery but it can also improve the daily lives of all people who give it a try.

Age catches up with each of us eventually. If you are lucky enough to age without suffering a significant injury, you might not notice the small changes in your body, you just know you can’t move like you used to. That doesn’t have to be your status quo. There are huge benefits to functional medicine training in everyday life.

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