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Posted by Romi Kora on 03/08/2019

Five Best Mobile Legends Heroes Coming this March

Five Best Mobile Legends Heroes Coming this March

The fighter in Mobile Legends is one of the most decisive compositions in the game, the fighters have also been quite strong at the start of the game. Some of the best fighter heroes in March are very superior heroes in close quarters and can make enemy mage scattered guys, wondering which hero you must use this March? Just take a look at the following.  There are also some legit ways to get mobile legends free diamonds.


 A fighter that requires a precise positioning and timing has a skill that is quite troublesome for the enemy, Alpha can also be a tank or damage dealer depending on the build items and emblems you use. Coupled with high life-steal makes the Alpha difficult to defeat the enemy, and how to counter this one hero by using items that can reduce the lifesteal effect guys. 


Aldous has a very deadly punch, especially for mage and enemy marksman. Aldous will be able to kill mage or marksman enemies with just one to two attacks, especially with the ultimate that can target any hero to make enemies it is impossible to run. 


Although, Ruby relied heavily on skill rather than basic attack like other fighters, but she was the only hero who could get the lifesteal from basic attack. Ruby also has quite high damage, plus a short cooldown and also the crowd control that it has can make the enemy flat evenly. 


 This long-lost hero finally reappeared to the surface, guys, this fighter assassin has high damage and is very suitable to be a hero initiator. Not to mention the control effect and also the durability that Lapu-lapu has makes it quite fearful, even more so you have already overtaken him guys. Because Lapu-lapu is rather difficult to use, but if you are accustomed to, it will be easy to wipe out opponents. 


The hero fighter that is underestimated because it is somewhat weaker than other fighters is actually a terrible ganker guys, its ability to kidnap muskets and also stun which has a long enough duration definitely makes the enemy quite troublesome. 

Which one of your favorite heroes guys in five heroes above?

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