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Posted by Ahmed Abdellatif on 10/28/2021

Economic Reforms Done By Mr. Ahmed Alamin Abdellatif

Before we talk about Mr. Ahmed, we should have a look to the CTC group which is one of the best and finest groups in Sudan. This group was established with the long-term belief in offering quality life to the people. 

10+ years ago Mr. Ahmed Abdellatif has held a position of the President in CTC and was working with this group from last 25+ years. He always worked very hard and continues his vision to develop Sudan during the time when the country needs it the most. Also know that Mr. Ahmed Alamin Abdellatif always known to follow great visions and put combined efforts to fetch great results for the group employees along with the people of Sudan.  . 

Mr. Ahmed has always seen in doing various things in regards to the development of agriculture, youth entrepreneurship and always makes sure for the development of the Sudanese people. He is also involved in the apprenticeship and the graduate programs to give vocational training and University graduates the opportunity to build a successful career. Ahmed Al Amin is one of the main pillars of the CTC group when he joined the CTC group as at that time the company was running under the tag of classic family business with 50 people, but today, with his great leadership, the group has widened its wings and now it is employing more than 1500 professionals who are working day and night for the CTC group. CTC Group is one of the companies in Sudan which is considered as the market leader and it is working in various domains in order to provide great services to the people of Sudan. Also, it has founded CTC foundation, which always helps people in need and ensures to develop the entire society via great innovation, technology and reforms. 


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