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Door Repair Services | MacArthur Locks & Doors

Door Repair Services | MacArthur Locks & Doors

Repairing a door is not always easy. There can be several things that could be wrong with it. In extreme cases parts of a door must be made from scratch. However, that might not always be a good idea for the one to whom the door belongs to, because rebuilding a new door from scratch can be quite an expensive task. At MacArthur Locks & Doors, it is always the effort of the technicians to replace all the damaged parts such as door closers, hinges and pivots. However, there might be instances when the door might have simply aged and grown weak from exposure to bad weather and in such cases, the technicians inspect the door fully and give their advice regarding what would be the best course of action. The next time you are not sure about whether to repair your door or install a new one, give us a call today to get an estimate.

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