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Posted by DentalSave on 02/20/2022

Dentists Apologize for Teeth Whitening Ad

Dentists Apologize for Teeth Whitening Ad

When Renaissance Dental Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, launched its “Everyone Smiles in the Same Language” ad, it hoped to attract people from a diverse range of backgrounds to come to the dental practice for teeth whitening. However, the reaction was much more negative. This story carries some important lessons for dentists who are looking for new and creative ways to promote their brands.

The ad, which featured blond dentists flashing brilliant white smiles while dressed in a range of cultural costumes, was received with outrage on social media. While one dentist wore a Japanese kimono and held a fan, another dressed as a Native American. Upon seeing the ad, many people accused Renaissance Dental Center of cultural appropriation.

According to a tweet by Renaissance Dental Center, the aim of the ad was to focus on what unites people across all cultures: “the warmth and joy behind a smile.” However, the dental group was forced to withdraw the ad after accusations of racism. It appears that Renaissance Dental Center made a serious misjudgment of how its ad would be received.

People reacted quickly to the teeth whitening ad when it appeared on social media, calling it “shameful” and saying there was “no excuse” for cultural cluelessness today. In addition to whitening smiles, the dentists were accused of whitewashing global cultures.

It appears the folks at Renaissance Dental Center are big fans of dressing up. In previous ads, they have appeared dressed as construction workers, fitness fans, and in Valentine-themed costumes. While these previous ads were cheesy, they did not attract the same controversy as this latest diversity-themed campaign.

Renaissance Dental Center advertises in Midtown Magazine, a local publication in Raleigh, North Carolina. The offensive ad appeared in an issue published in May and began to attract criticism after a picture of it was shared on Facebook. Midtown Magazine has now replaced the ad in its online edition, instead showing an ad where the dentists are dressed as referees. The editor and publisher of the magazine, Connie Gentry, apologized and said that she “should have pulled that ad.”

The teeth whitening ad has reopened an ongoing debate about cultural appropriation. While some people claim that it is wrong to borrow cultural symbols and costumes for commercial gain, others think that cultural sensitivity has gone too far.

One thing is for sure, which is that dentists must think carefully when designing their marketing campaigns in order to avoid alienating potential customers. When dentists who are not experienced in marketing come up with a concept for an ad, they might not stop to think about how the ad might offend people. To avoid causing offense, it is vital to step back and consider how people from other cultures or backgrounds might view the ad — or, even better, get help from experienced marketers who know which topics and concepts are likely to spark controversy.

When marketing any business, it is easy to make mistakes that backfire and tarnish the reputation of the brand. In general, the best way for dentists to design effective marketing campaigns is to work with an experienced marketing agency. Marketers can work with dental businesses to design campaigns that can effectively reach out to the target market without alienating potential customers or making anyone feel uncomfortable.

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