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Posted by Ahmed Abdellatif on 10/28/2021

Ctc Foundation And Its Partnerships In Sudan

You must know about the Vice-Chairman of CTC Foundation, Mr. Ahmed Amin. He is so famous because of his multiple roles and responsibilities, his great skills, knowledge, presentation and motivational skills. He has also been in the partnerships with various stakeholders in Sudan in contribution towards the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

CTC Group is very famous and it is one of the renowned corporate in Sudan, believes in doing business “the right way”, behaving ethically, contributing to sustainable development and improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families. The CTC group is successfully running by Ahmed Abdellatif and his team, where A-Z activities are done in order to make everything financially profitable, socially beneficial and ecologically sustainable. Additionally, CTC Group is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, and all CTC Group employees are formally required to adhere to the CTC Group Code of Business Ethics, that is why it is doing very well in the market. 

The Group is led by Ahmed Alamin Abdellatif and has set up the CTC Foundation to act as a custodian of the Group’s Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. It is always in the support to help people, promote various youth entrepreneurship programs, and perform other various tasks to ensure the efficient deployment of resources to achieve impact at scale. The Foundation is known for doing extensive operations in the areas of public health, education and poverty alleviation, with a particular focus on capacity building in the agricultural community. Mr. Ahmed Abdellatif Sudan plays an important role and supports many local youth and cultural organisations for the overall development of the society. Even, his ideas on fostering partnerships with other stakeholders to deliver impactful projects are making a difference in peoples’ lives. 

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