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Posted by on 09/02/2021

Cracked Heels Remedy - Know Effective Remedies For Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a frequently occurring problem that is mostly a matter of aesthetics as instead of a real concern for most people. Yet, deep cracks can become particularly painful where in severe cases they can become infected. However, there are effective remedies for cracked heels that can tackle this problem.

Cracks are possible in other parts of the skin but they usually occur along the heel's border. The skin in this area is generally dry and it can contain a layer of hardened skin called a callus. If the cracks in this region are deep, an individual can feel discomfort when pressure is applied to the feet.

Cracked heels arise from the expansion of feet pads due to pressure from the body weight that is placed on them. This becomes troublesome if the skin is excessively dry as cracks begin to form. This is especially problematic if one spends many hours on their feet as this condition is more likely to occur.

Treating the dryness in this area is a vital component of any plan to tackle cracked heels. It is important that underlying medical problems such as eczema are handled as they can contribute to skin dryness. An individual may use a moisturizing cream in the affected area that has added oil or shortening so that the skin is coated overnight or during the day.

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