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Posted by on 01/18/2022

California Cannabis Licensed Distro With Transportation Lic Commuting Fraud

The new California Cannabis industry can be confusing for those who are navigating through intense requirements and deadlines, blazing new trails and stamping their name as pioneers in the legal market. Some counties have made the requirements difficult and nearly impossible. Their are requirements regarding where their business may operate. The zones that are approved are limited, the buildings available to rent are limited, and the amount of approved business are limited. Where once there was 20 striving business, they are now competing for the opportunity to occupy any space they might come available. And the building owners know it, hiking the rent up. A challenge even without the deadline which looms above their heads, reminding them that time is going against them. The ones who made the move are fighting against those who beg for time extensions.

Many cannabis workers have been shutting their doors as they are unable to complete every obstacle in their path. Some choosing to operate illegally. Putting themselves in danger of losing it all and facing jail time. They do not have the financial difficulties licensed business face, and are able to take all the business as consumers are finding they dont have.to pay taxes at these illegal shops.

And for the ones who have made it to the halfway point, obtaining their temporary lic, some of them barely scraping through financially, they could encounter unexpected difficulties within the community, the outcome of choosing from the limited pool of distributors to find out not everyone holding a lic, is credible.

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