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Posted by on 09/22/2021

Build a Password Protected Website

Millions of people use the Internet to get information from personal websites for their own purposes. There are also those who use information found on your site against you. Building a password protected website is what web developers espouse nowadays.

Having a password protected website contributes to one's peace of mind on the often chaotic World Wide Web. Passwords may protect files, folders, documents or even entire directories, depending on its settings. Such information may only be accessed by the author, a group of users, or particular groups who know the password.

There are several ways to build a password protected website, yet the availability of password protection depends on the server. The most common would be the .htaccess which you may use to protect a particular directory. Web hosts usually offer instructions on how to use such security devices. Tutorials are also easily available if you find the given instructions hard to understand.

Common gateway interface is another type of protection that basically compares then matches your login and password to known account fields. Only after a match is made will you be able to open and view sites that you want to see. These work on smaller HTML formats that require login names and passwords.

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