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Posted by THE BEN JACOBY on 09/09/2021

Breaking World Record - The Ben Jacoby

Breaking World Record - The Ben Jacoby

Breaking a world record is a chance to leave something behind. It is a way to push not only my own boundaries but others’. I had to get over my own fears and walk up to the starting line. There was no second place.

I’ve made my life a bit of an experiment, trying to find the best way to live it to the fullest. As a result, my background reads more like an epic than a resume. I’ve started two businesses, traveled the world, broken a world record on stilts, swallowed fire, jumped out of airplanes and other things your mom tells you not to do. 

To know more about visit my website for more information about my journey, click here https://www.thebenjacoby.com/ 

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