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Posted by Rittenhouse Village At Lehigh Valley on 11/19/2021

10 Signs Your Aging Parents Need Senior Living

10 Signs Your Aging Parents Need Senior Living

It is normal for children to turn to their parents for guidance, help, and advice. However, with age, you’ll start to realize that you would have to step up and be the one giving them these things instead. They may start to show memory-related signs that they require extra care. It is important for you to keep an eye out for these common signs and to begin considering your senior living options for your parents. 

Common Signs Your Aging Parents Need a Senior Living Community 

Here are some common signs to look out for that indicate it could be time to discuss a senior living community with your parents:

  1. Lack of maintenance on the house or yard- You begin to notice their home is dusty and unkempt when it used to be well maintained. 
  2. Missed doctor’s appointments- Your parents are beginning to forget their necessary appointments and are constantly rescheduling. 
  3. Overall confusion- Your parents are unsure of everyday tasks and lose track of conversations. 
  4. Poor nutrition- You begin to notice the food in your parents’ home is unhealthy or expired. You also begin to notice weight loss.  
  5. Financial issues- Your parents are missing due dates for bills or writing bounced checks.  
  6. Broken appliances- Major appliances that your parents need for everyday life are left broken and unused.  
  7. Changes in personality and mood- Your parents become less engaged in conversations, more irritable, and lack energy.  
  8. Disinterest in hobbies or activities- Things that your parents once enjoyed no longer seem to interest them.  
  9. Bruises or minor injuries- More bruises are becoming noticeable on your parents without them remembering how they got the injury.  
  10. Disheveled appearance- Your parents are wearing old clothing and lacking in personal hygiene.  

While some of these signs might indicate it’s time to simply downsize, others can be an indicator of a more serious issue that will require constant care. Speak with your parents’ healthcare provider when you notice these changes and begin to consider your options. 

The Different Levels of Senior Living 

There are several options for senior living for your parents, depending on their specific needs. Consider their age, physical health, and level of cognitive function as you look for a community that is best for them. At Rittenhouse Village, we offer the following options:

  • Independent Living– This option allows individuals to continue enjoying life after retirement but in a smaller setting. Instead of worrying about keeping up with a large home, your parents can enjoy all their previous comforts in an apartment or villa. 
  • Personal Care– This option provides assistance for daily activities such as medication management, cooking, and cleaning. 
  • Assisted Living– This option provides medical care on-site as well as therapies to provide additional care for those who need it.  
  • SHINE® Memory Care– Individuals living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory-related illnesses will benefit from the additional care and supervision of our nationally acclaimed program. 
  • Respite Care– This option is ideal for those recovering from an illness or injury. It’s also used when a caretaker will be unavailable. 

Rittenhouse Village Senior Living 

Through the different communities of Rittenhouse Village, you’re able to find a senior living community that fits the needs of your loved ones while still keeping them close. The communities of Rittenhouse Village include:

  • Rittenhouse Village At Lehigh Valley
  • Rittenhouse Village At Michigan City
  • Rittenhouse Village At Muhlenberg
  • Rittenhouse Village At Northside
  • Rittenhouse Village At Portage
  • Rittenhouse Village At Valparaiso

To learn more about your parents’ options for senior living, contact Rittenhouse Village today at . Our community representatives will be happy to answer any questions you might have and discuss which of our communities will be best for your parents.

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