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Posted 02/13/2019

Post Free Ads in India

Post Free Ads in India

Facebook,Google and YouTube, what do all of these prominent, yet completelyvaried websites have in common other than making millions of dollar severy day? They are also advertising platforms, they earn theirrevenue not through their customers but through advertisements thattarget towards their customers. They also have another similarity,advertising on their platforms are not cheap by Indian standards. Ifyou are a business trying to get a footing in the net sphere thereare ways to get a word out without shelling out much needed currency.

Free classified is not a new idea, it has been around for decades,Craigslist’s and olxs of the world have created so many businessesout of thin air, even without a single penny invested into marketing.Some of you might not have an idea on how to post free ads in India,one fills out a form with all the relevant details about their business, uses the correct keywords and people who are looking fortheir services or product are bound to find them, it's a simple enough concept right? Because of the simplicity of the concept, and because of the fact it's completely free of cost billions of freeclassifieds go up on the internet each year. 

Ifyou the reader are someone looking for ways to promote your businessyou are on the right track, I will tell you all the benefits ofposting a free ad in India, and the best websites to do it on. 

Benefitsof posting free ads in India

1)It's free -As the name suggests you don't need to invest any capital to do it.

2)It's Non-Technical -it's a very simple process, you don't need to crack C, C++ and Javato post an ad. You will need an average mastery over language, andthe ability to click the mouse to post ad after the description isdone.

3)Organic -It works based on Google searches, so your ads don't appear onscreens of those who have no intention of ever buying your product,they only show up when searched, so this method has the maximumprobability to get converted into a sale.

4)Where can one post free ads in India?

Thisis a very important question, and it's relevant because there are somany platforms out there that posting on a not so prominent platformwill get you no traction, the bigwigs in Indian classified space aredefinitely Olx and Quikr, the classifieds posted on them regularly feature in the first page of Google's search list, and many usersdirectly use those platforms to buy or seek out their desired products. Apart from the usual suspects there are newer and much improved platforms like www.izydaisy.comthat is rapidly growing in strength. izydaisy or Daisy is a free classifieds platform that has been launched in 2016 in over 5countries and since then they are rapidly growing and fighting toun crown the undisputed masters in the classifieds space.

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