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Posted 02/13/2020

New Technologies To Upgrade Your Business Network

New Technologies To Upgrade Your Business Network

The world of networking is always improving. There are new technologies every year that make networks faster and more secure. However, many businesses are significantly behind the times. Upgrading can be a tricky process because your network touches almost every aspect of your operations. Nonetheless, there are some new technologies that are worth the effort.

Cloud Management

If you are looking for a CRM solution, you'll need a CRM system built to create relationships that last.Traditionally, network maintenance has been done on-location with IT staff physically interacting with network devices. This is sometimes still necessary, but a large amount of work can be completed remotely. This significantly cuts down on the amount of labor necessary to perform normal maintenance.

This approach is especially successful for organizations that have many locations such as retailers. Being able to manage routers and other devices remotely means that IT staff can be centralized and more focused. 

Secured Asymmetric Routing

Asymmetric routing splits the flow of traffic through a network into two separate lanes. Inbound traffic travels through one route and outbound traffic through another. This can offer a lot of benefits for optimizing traffic flow. However, it also presents some security risks. If your network monitoring and security systems don’t always have the full picture, it can be hard to detect threats.

Fortunately, some secure asymmetric routing solutions can enhance network security while enjoying the efficiency and redundancy benefits of asymmetry. It sees all the traffic so that you can implement appropriate security measures. However, it still lets the inbound and outbound traffic flow takes their own routes.

The Internet of Things

Modern smart devices offer a lot of unique benefits for organizations. They can help you do everything from keeping your people organized to get better control of your utility usage. For example, with smart thermostats and lightbulbs, you can optimize your light and HVAC usage remotely. Better yet, you can monitor usage to create better policies.

However, the internet of things also comes with its own unique disadvantages. These devices can be a vulnerable entry point for your network. Optimizing your internet of things security can help you to protect your network against the threat presented by these devices. Your options are to embrace IoT with security, embrace it without security or ban such devices. Obviously, the former is the optimal choice.

Mobile Connectivity

Mobile devices play a huge role in modern business networking. From smartphones to mobile connected company vehicles, you need to have the right security and connectivity tools to ensure that your people can be as successful as possible.

Some business internet providers can offer combination connections that include both traditional service and mobile connectivity. This can make bringing your mobile devices onto your business networks easier than ever. Alternatively, leverage the power of virtual private networks to make it simpler than ever to connect remotely.

Virtual Local Area Networks

These virtual networks are similar to VPNs but have a different application. You can use them on your business network to create partitions for optimizing the use of resources. In a sense, they are like dividing your network into individual parts. That can help ensure that a set amount of your resources is dedicated to your most important traffic.

For example, if you want to divide your server traffic from your everyday browsing traffic, you can use a VLAN. This would prevent your team using their computer for typical work from ever sapping resources from your core infrastructure, even during unusually high load. This can be an essential way to optimize the performance of your network.

This same principle can be used to segregate your guest traffic from the rest of your network. It means that anyone connecting to your network other than authorized team members would not be connected to the most important resources.

Learn More

Find out more about the latest technologies in business networking. They could help you achieve superior performance for your organization. Since your network touches every part of your business, upgrades are often very worthwhile.

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