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Posted 08/06/2020

Mattress Brands Reviews

1. Extrasleep Coir Mattress for Orthopedic Care

Next on our rundown is Extra Sleep, a coir based bedding with 5 inches thickness and ideal for back help and orthopedic issues. Stands intriguing that Extra Sleep professes to utilize Artificial Intelligence to display the rest of a person so as to plan their beddings. 

The sleeping pad is 83 inches in length and 41 inches wide. Additional Sleep is a triple-layered bedding. The primary layer is an excellent quality stitched froth.

The subsequent layer, as referenced, it is made out of coir and the material utilized is valid and goes on for quite a while. This coir is from regular rubberised coir layers which offer help to your back and keep up a right stance when you set down on it. 

Aside from the coir and the froth layer, the last layer is made out of PU froth that attempts to upgrade the help to the sleeping pad. This backings structures to be the base for the bedding and gives sufficient solace and advances serene rest. 

Going to the spread material, it is unadulterated and premium sewed cotton texture. While it might not have the degree of aperture as an adaptable padding sleeping cushion however has average breathability and entry of air while keeping up the correct temperature on it. 

Accessible in about 20+ diverse customization, Extra Sleep gives you 5 years of producer's guarantee from the date of procurement. Is likewise intriguing that Extra Sleep has had a reliable decent evaluations and surveys on their bedding by fulfilled clients. 


  • Exceptionally evaluated and client fulfilled item 
  • Reasonably evaluated 
  • 5-inch thickness coir and froth based sleeping cushion 
  • Triple-Layered sleeping cushion 
  • The main layer is premium froth, 
  • Second layer is common rubberised coir for better back and spine comfort 
  • The last layer is PU Foam for improved help to the bedding 
  • 20+ Customization 
  • Sewn texture cotton spread that is breathable to a limited degree 
  • 5 years producer's guarantee


  • Flawless inside the spending plan yet doesn't have a model with adaptable padding

2. Shagun 4-inch Double Size Foam Mattress 

Next up on the rundown is a monetary decision of Double Cot size froth sleeping pad. 

Perfect for lone wolves or 2 part families, the Shagun twofold estimated bedding accompanies an overall 4-inch thick froth. This can be set on a twofold bunk bed implied for two. 

The bedding isn't delicate and is of a medium hard form. Thus it is perfect for individuals of any age to rest on. The froth utilized in the sleeping pad is pre-squeezed so as to get this hard form. This sleeping cushion is amazingly light in weight and can be handily moved from guide A toward point B with little endeavors. 

Shagun additionally offers a wide scope of customizations separated from the 4-inch thickness. With various stature and broadness boundaries, it likewise has diverse thickness decisions. On the off chance that legitimately reached with the group, custom details are likewise accessible. 

The item, be that as it may, accompanies a minor quality issue of the froth utilized. In spite of the fact that not of first rate quality, this froth may prompt drooping of the bed throughout the long periods of utilization. Be that as it may, this is by all accounts a typical issue among spending sleeping cushions. 

This sleeping pad accompanies a maker guarantee time of 5 years. You can guarantee any harms related with the item inside this time frame. 


  • Monetary and Budget agreeable 
  • Firm sort subsequently perfect for all ages 
  • Light in Weight 
  • Agreeable and customisations accessible with the vender


  • Discovered minor quality issues to a great extent 
  • Not a perfect pick for long haul utilization.

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