Posted 03/03/2019

How to Upload Your Own E-Books to Google Play Books

How to Upload Your Own E-Books to Google Play Books

You can transfer your own EPUB and PDF books or reports to Google Play Books to store them on the web and use them from anyplace on any of your good gadgets.

This procedure is like what Google gives you a chance to do with Google Play Music.

Transferring books to Google Play Books is done through the Upload documents catch on the Google Play Books site. Books can be stacked from your Google Drive account or from your PC.

Steps to Upload Your Books

You can import your digital books into Google Play Books in only a couple of steps.

  • Open My Books on Google Play and sign in to your Google account whenever inquired.
  • Use the Upload records catch to peruse for the digital book.

To transfer a book from your PC, utilize the Upload tab. Something else, look under My Drive to pick a digital book from your Google Drive account.

  • Click Select when you've picked every one of the books you need to transfer.

Your things may take a couple of minutes to have spread workmanship show up. At times, the spread craftsmanship won't show up by any means, and you'll have a conventional spread or whatever happened to be on the principal page of the book. 

There doesn't give off an impression of being an approach to fix that issue right now, however adjustable spreads might be a future component.

Another missing element is the capacity to definitively sort out these books with labels, organizers, or accumulations. You can scan for books in your library, however other than that they're just composed into discrete segments: transfers, buys, rentals, and tests.


Your books aren't transferring to Google Play Books? There are a couple of things you can check.

  • Is your book in a perfect organization? Your digital book must be in EPUB or PDF position. On the off chance that you wound up with some other configuration, for example, MOBI, you can have a go at changing over it utilizing an archive converter program like Caliber. DRM-ensured books are not bolstered.
  • Do you have an excessive number of books? Die the idea, however Google as of now just enables you to transfer 1,000. You may need to organize the records you need to store in the cloud or make sense of some approach to juggle them between records.
  • Are you signed into the right Google account? On the off chance that you transfer a record and it looks fine however later vanishes, you most likely transferred it to the wrong record. On the off chance that you never again have the first, download it from Google Play Books and afterward re-transfer it to the right record.


At the point when Google previously discharged Google Books and the Google Play Books tablet, you couldn't transfer your own books.

It was a shut framework, and you were stuck perusing just books you'd bought from Google. It shouldn't shock hear that the No. 1 include demand for Google Books was a type of cloud-based capacity alternative for individual libraries.

Back in the beginning of Google Play Books, you could download the books and place them in another perusing program. You can even now do that, yet it has a few inconveniences. 

On the off chance that you utilize a neighbourhood digital book peruser application like Aldiko, your books are likewise nearby. When you get your tablet, you can't proceed with the book you were simply perusing on your telephone. In the event that you lost your telephone without support up those books elsewhere, you've additionally lost the book. 

It doesn't coordinate the substances of the present digital book market to keep digital books disconnected. A great many people who read digital books would want to have their decision about where to buy books yet at the same time have the capacity to peruse them all from a solitary area.

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