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Posted 02/19/2020

How to Print Documents Using HP DeskJet 3630 Printer Remote

How to Print Documents Using HP DeskJet 3630 Printer Remote

The remote control of the HP All-in-one printer is the previous name of the HP Smart application. This application provides a total utility that encourages you to configure, print, filter and manage your records on the HP printer through a remote association. This application is an immediate connection to another HP store that also allows you to select and request supplies, easily investigate and request customer service. You can also customize applications to have unlimited monitoring of your 123 hp dj363 printer as indicated by your inclinations.

How to download the HP Smart app?

• Open your Internet browser and search for HP Smart or you can obtain the application through the Windows Store.

• Follow the guidelines on the best way to download the application.

• The application will require your HP printer. In the event that you have previously associated your HP printer with your PC, then you will naturally connect with it. If you have more printers associated, select the HP printer with which you need to use HP Smart.

How to print and sweep using HP Smart?

• Open the HP Smart application. It has 4 capacity captures home, envelope, printing, and scanning.

• Touch the START button to open mosaics of additional capabilities, from printing and browsing images and files, to where to save the report or to customize the tiles and capacities.

• To filter, basically touch the `` camera '' symbol. Touch the 'scanner' symbol. You can check any image using the camera or you can also choose through your Internet-based life or online storage. Run the scanner and hold it until it marks a total scan. Change the name of your document and choose the desired organization.

• You can choose to save it in the HP Smart organizer or offer it and send it to another online envelope, email or distributed storage.

• To print, touch the 'print' symbol and open the log file or the connection of the photosite or the page of the site you need to print. Change the setting to the desired size and duplicates. Touch print.

How unique is HP ePrint?

Then HP Smart is diverse with respect to total control of printer functionalities. HP ePrint allows you to print reports of various assets, while HP Smart allows you to print, verify, customize, observe supplies, research and select the HP printer. Like its previous name, the HP AIO printer's remote control covers almost everything about the printer, even without contacting or approaching it


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