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Posted 03/01/2019

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Get the majority of your Amazon buys for nothing. Here are 11 different ways you can win free Amazon gift vouchers.


Win focuses that you can reclaim for Amazon gift vouchers by utilizing Bing as your internet searcher. Simply agree to accept Bing Rewards, and it'll naturally add focuses to your record each time you complete an inquiry. 

To acquire focuses quicker, do your Bing seeks utilizing the Microsoft Edge program. This is a layered program, so you'll procure more indicates when you climb the following dimension. 

This prizes program is accessible for a long time 13 and up, along these lines, your children can do it, as well!


Shop through TopCashback at whatever point you make an online buy, and win cashback. They're ensured to have the most elevated cashback offer of anybody.

So you don't need to squander your time checking a cluster of locales before you shop, and in the event that you pick an Amazon gift voucher for your payout, they'll give you an additional three percent! Even better: there's no base edge that you need to meet before you can money out. 

Demand a gift voucher at whatever point you need one. To acquire gift vouchers quicker, make sure to exploit extraordinary offers. They some of the time offer as much as 100 percent back on specific things.

Mechanical Turk

Agree to accept Amazon's Mechanical Turk, and inspire paid to finish straightforward undertakings, such as checking for grammatical errors, labeling pictures or translating information. You can have your profit stored into a U.S. ledger or changed over to an Amazon gift voucher.

Tip: Sort HITs (that is the thing that they call all the accessible employments), with the goal that the most astounding paying gigs are appeared.

Answer Surveys

Put aside some time every week to round out online reviews, and acquire Amazon gift vouchers for your time. Some enormous name review locales that offer Amazon cards: Harris Poll, Opinion Outpost SurveySpot and Toluna. For a present rundown of all the real study locales that offer Amazon gift vouchers as a reward, visit Survey Police.


Acquire MyPoints for perusing messages, shopping, taking reviews, printing coupons, watching recordings and finishing an assortment of different exercises. At that point, money in your focuses for Amazon gift vouchers. They as of now offer $10, $25 and $50 cards.

Tip: Save up your focuses until you have enough for a $25 or $50 card. They're a superior arrangement.

Amazon Promotions

Look out for unconditional present card advancements on Amazon. They every now and again offer "burn through $50, get a $25 gift voucher" offers in the "Basic supply" and "Wellbeing and Personal Care" classifications. It just pauses for a moment to check, so start looking at whatever point you're on the site.

Credit Card Rewards

In case you're great about satisfying your charge card every month, look at the Amazon.com Visa card. You'll procure three points for each dollar that you spend on Amazon, $2 for each dollar that you spend at corner stores, eateries and medication stores, and $1 for each dollar that you spend somewhere else. 2,500 is sufficient for a $25 Amazon gift voucher.

Not in the market for another card? Most Visas offer Amazon gift vouchers as a reward. Check the prizes inventory to check whether any of yours do.

In the event that you have a Chase card, you can associate your card to your Amazon record to invest your aggregated focuses any energy you need. There's no limit you need to meet first.

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