Posted 11/12/2019

How to fix AOL Desktop Gold Error 104

How to fix AOL Desktop Gold Error 104

AOL error code 104 messages can spring up either while downloading AOL Desktop Gold Software or introducing the work area gold programming. For the most part, when a download error is recognized the arrangement grind closes down. Be that as it may, before diving in to investigate the mistake appropriate conclusion of the manifestations are important. Here are not many likely specialized mistakes which for the most part show the AOL work area gold error code 104. 

• If you see the mistake code 104 message noticeable 

• Computer framework begins solidifying out of the blue in occasional interims 

• If your frameworks windows become inert or delayed to console not mouse clicks 

• Corrupted work area gold record is downloaded 

• Systems windows vault framework is undermined 

• The system has been contaminated by infections or malware 

•If the downloaded AOL works area gold record is a deficient one. 

Use the PC Scanner Tool  

As one of the significant givers of error code 104 is assault from any programming it is critical to run a total PC scanner arrangement on your work area. Malware is essentially noxious programming that taints your framework through your web arrange or by some other conveying gadget mode and they take information or change the information or erase information from run time arrangement records. When the arrangement documents for AOL gold are debased you should evacuate the old broken string and download and introduce the work area gold crisply without any preparation. The means to run a malware insurance program to distinguish the nearness of malevolent programming are as per the following 

Framework similarity check 

This sort of error happens when your framework doesn't follow the basic essential necessities for the AOL work area gold download. To maintain a strategic distance from this error contrast your frameworks specs and the essential necessities for AOL work area gold. The fundamental essentials for downloading AOL work area gold on your framework is 

• Operating framework: ought to be inside windows 7, windows 8, windows8.1 and windows 10. 

• Device processor: the speed of your gadget processor ought to be in excess of 266 MHz or quicker 

• Available space: the accessible free circle space on your gadget to be around 512 MB or more 

• RAM: the RAM ought to be at any rate 1GB 

• Network form: ought to have a refreshed net equipment adaptation of 4.5.2 

• Screen goals: it ought to be of 1024 x 768 

• Network availability: ensure that while the AOL gold downloading process is going on would you be able to have a rapid continuous system network 

Remove the junk files

At the point when you surf for over the web call play out, any action on your PC your framework collection number of garbage documents that is brief records, store recollections and treats from your program and your PC. These garbage documents remain put away inside your gadget is memory perpetually hindering the movement of your framework. What's more, in some outrageous circumstance the framework eventually solidifies. Consequently, you ought to consistently keep clean in your stopped up plate space for a compelling continuous work area gold working. The means to clear your transitory documents are as per the following you should consistently erase your temp records and this can assist you with resolving AOL gold error 104 

• To erase your reserve memory is treats, transitory records, chronicles and impressions pursue the given advances 

• Open your program like Internet Explorer 

• On the upper right-hand corner of the window find the apparatuses symbol 

• From the dropdown list that shows up click on the web alternative catch 

• Once tapped on the catch a little activity window will open 

• Next, go to the general cape go to the program history segment from where select the erase button 

• Once clicked you will be diverted to erase perusing history window 

Complete frameworks re-establish 

An expression of alert: when you run a framework reestablish your framework will go back to the last time you made any framework changes. Thus this progression must be pursued just when every single other arrangement is falling flat. The means for Windows XP 

• Begin with tapping on the beginning catch 

• Go to the choice assistance and backing 

• Click on the pick an errand 

• Next, select the choice fix changes with framework re-establish 

• While playing out this means please ensure that there is a spot in the re-establish my PC to a prior time alternative 

• Hit the following alternative 

• Now type the date in a strong text style design 

• And then complete the procedure by tapping on the following catch

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