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Posted 04/10/2020

Brawl Stars Apk Updated to Android

Brawl stars Bounty

The objective of a particular game play is that you have to collect as much stars as you can. A team with more stars collected by its players wins. Stars can be collected by eliminating your opponents.

Brawl stars Smash & Grab

There is also a crystal which is located on the center of the map. So fight against your opponent and reach to the center of the map as fast as you can. A team with 10 crystal will win the game.

Brawl stars heist 

In Brawl stars, you have to protect your safe which is full of treasure. Both the teams will have this heist and you can loot the opponent’s heist to get lots of crystal and points.

Brawl stars Showdown

Showdown is probably the most entertaining part of the game. You have to make your brawler as long as possible in the battle arena. As 10 players will be in the shrinking battlefield and the one stays the longest will win the match.

Brawl Stars Game App is available for both Android and iOS platform. You can download the game on either Play store or app store in third respective operating system.

But if you are looking for an alternative method you can download the app file for Android.

Brawl Stars for Android apk download

Brawl stars for Android is still in Beta and there is still time for the release of the full version. So in some region Brawl star will not be available for your android device. But our job is to give you every what you looking for.

Make sure you are using a smartphone which is running Android Lollipop 5.0 or above

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