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Posted by ACP Panel - Envitect on 08/18/2021

Installation Process for Aluminium Composite Panels

It may so happen that your building may need renovation, or you are looking for a material that you can use to enhance the aesthetics of your building. The first construction material that comes to mind is Aluminium Composite Panels or better known as ACP panels. However, most people are worried about how to install ACP sheets? What is the installation process for Aluminium Composite Panels?

To answer such questions, we have tried to gather as much information from experienced ACP panels manufacturers in India. Here, we present to you the installation process for ACP panels and things to keep in mind.

Installation Process for Aluminium Composite Panels

When it comes to installing ACP panels, the process varies from area to area of its application. However, here’s the general procedure one must follow with tips that one should keep in mind.

1. Inspecting the Application Area

Before carrying out the installation of Aluminium Composite Panel, it’s your responsibility to inspect the area or building where panels are going to be installed. Make a checklist of the area or write down the aspects such as cleanliness, fire safety, temp., etc. that need to be checked beforehand.

Without a doubt, the area or the building where ACP panels are going to be installed must comply to fire safety norms. Because ACP sheets are going to be fabricated using welding, which has chances of catching fire. Further, the surface needs to be rock solid in order to hold the skeleton of ACP while cladding.

2. Make Instruments Ready before Installation

Another thing to keep in mind before starting the installation process of ACP panels is to make necessary instruments ready. Making sure all the required equipment are ready and in place helps make the Aluminium Composite Panel installation go smoothly. Instruments like cutting machines, drill machines, welding machines, wall-saw, zigzag-saw, metal screws, and many other things are stacked ready.

3. Installing the Aluminium Composite Panel

Here’re are steps for installing ACP panels:

  • The first step or the pre-step is to measure panel sizes precisely without any mistakes. Accurately measuring panel sizes is crucial as it can impact other steps.
  • After measuring panels accurately, fabricators can prepare the panels by cutting, folding, or drilling. Fasteners or extrusions also appear in this step of installation.
  • Waterproofing is another critical step that needs to be taken care of for the application area before panel installation. It helps create a weather barrier to protect the structure from any water leakage.
  • Now comes the most important step and that is to install panels in place through the mounting system. The mounting system ensures panels are installed in a straight line. Further, the system makes sure that panels are installed in a fixed order, for example, giving priority to corners or a particular shape.
  • The final step is where Aluminium Composite panels are put into place following the mounting system. Once panels are put into place, you can start fixing and screw them into the wall. If there are any gaps at the joints of ACP panels, fill them using matching strips or use shims for leveling and attaching panels.

Wrap Up

This was just a general idea of how ACP panels are installed and what things to keep in mind while doing so. However, as mentioned, installation varies based on the different use cases. Further, most Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturers in India advise following the above-described installation process.

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