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McLean Healthy Smiles

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McLean, Virginia 22101

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Name McLean Healthy Smiles
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Phone Number 703-356-5330
6845 Elm Street, #500
McLean, VA 22101
United States of America
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Hours of Operation Monday : 7 am – 5 pm Tuesday : 7 am – 5 pm Wednesday : 7 am – 5 pm Thursday : 7 am – 5 pm Friday : 10 am – 2 pm Saturday : Closed Sunday : Closed

About McLean Healthy Smiles

McLean Healthy Smiles offers oral health services with advanced dental technology at their dental office in McLean, VA. While our primary focus is on preventive dental care, we undertake aesthetic dental treatment to keep your teeth looking healthy and well. We use digital scans, digital X-rays, and diagnostic models to assess the state of your teeth, rotary endodontics for root canals, and nitrous oxide sedation, if necessary, for painless dentistry. In addition to routine dental cleaning services like scaling and root planing, we can provide fluoride and sealant treatments to strengthen your teeth, Philips Zoon teeth whitening to keep your smile bright, periodontal treatment for healthier gums, and ViziLite® Plus screening for oral cancer. We can fit you with a customized mouthguard to help protect your teeth and gums during sports and to prevent Bruxism or teeth-grinding during sleep at night. To replace missing teeth, we offer partial and full dentures, and single and multiple teeth implants http://theworldofhealth.net/dental-implants-procedure-what-you-need-to-know/. Most of our dental treatments require one to three visits. For adult and pediatric dental emergencies, we can schedule early morning, evening, and weekend appointments, and our emergency dental services include dental bonding, fillings, veneers, crowns, dental bridge repairs, root canals, tooth extraction, and treatment of gum problems. For more information about our oral health services, please visit http://www.mcleanhealthysmiles.com/ and http://www.mcleanhealthysmiles.com/preventive-care.

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