Posted by TSPlus on 01/30/2021

Defeat Ransomware Attacks with TSplus Advanced Security

Your organization uses a solution like TSplus Remote Desktop to allow employees to connect and work via their personal devices. Cyber criminals know that. Ransomware attacks are on the rise!  You need the right cyber network security to protect your corporate data. 

TSplus Advanced Security has developed a powerful anti ransomware to protect both employees and businesses. 


The Ransomware Protection applies the best cybersecurity technologies to detect and block Ransomware attacks on your server. It also backs-up data to allow files' restauration in one click! 


Advanced Security offers many more protections to ensure the best Remote Desktop Security for SMBs and large organizations using TSplus to enable Remote Work  : 

  • Limit connections coming from foreign countries
  • Forbid users to connect outside of working times for network security
  • RDP Defender to Block Brute-Force Attacks
  • Control Users environment for Data protection
  • Manage Windows Permissions in few clicks
  • Endpoint Security to Restrict Access per authorized device...

How to install it:

After installing TSplus free downloadable version on your server, you can also benefit from the Advanced Security companion tool. Just enable the Ransomware Protection and check the Security Events log to see how powerful this is! 

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